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Really good!

Really great app! I love it


This app is really good!! Amazing!! It helps a lot!! There are so many words about almost everything!!


Really fun, love it

Mandarin -_-

It does not teach you Japanese. It teaches you mandarin!!


Very helpful! Its really great and I use this app every day!


Great for gaining a real solid foundation of vocabulary with useful method games to help memorize

Off to a great start

Love the variety of word-type categories and different styles of games

Great way to learn new vocab!

Excellent variety of activities to learn new vocab!

Learning Japanese

Wow this is a great app Ive learned a lot from it and Im starting to talk little by little words fast

Great app

I already speak Japanese, but this app has been a great refresher.

I enjoy it

Fun app and its free!


Nope. Its keeps crashing and its really annoying


Different categories. But it pops out automatically, irritating.

Fun and easy to learn

Nice app :)

Learning Japanese

Best app Ive ever used to learn Japanese!!! So many options for learning a specific topic, like colours!!! I was looking for other apps to use for learning Japanese and this is the first one I found that actually helps! Its also pretty fun ^-^ LOVE IT!!!!

Worth it

Theres a good selection of basic vocabulary, and several different ways to learn it that can help any learning style and that compliment each other nicely for really learning and remembering the words. Theres not much to help you learn grammar and basically nothing to teach sentence structure, so if you want to learn that youll need to go elsewhere. However, this vocab is a great place to start, and the app is well put together. Highly recommend.

Great app for learning Japanese vocabulary

I enjoy the quality of the vocabulary selection as much as the pronunciation.

Good app!

Easy to use - good to refresh your memory and for learning for the first time.

Good learning tool

I love learning with this app! Very easy to learn with this app. I only gave it four stars because I cringe every time I hear the annoying English female voice say " youre good", and the kanas ten tens are half hidden by the circles.


Very helpful

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