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Awesome app!


Great app






Good app, like it a lot. ありがとうございます❗️

Good app

Works great

Good app

Good app

Like lean japen



Great app


It’s really good...... try it😐

The app is no longer works

Please update the app so we can use it on the iOS 11 🙏🏽


Love it I always wanted to learn Japanese now i can


Okay, so it's pretty great! Just please update.




No need to find another app

Hey that's pretty good

There's a lot of helpful words and a lot of different ways to memorize them. The app's volume when it dictates words to you is way too quiet without headphones though.

This app is really good

This app is really good because it's free, has a list of stuff from colours, to clothes and to places and house items. It also gives you how to say it, and write it with the hiragana or katakana or kanji (depending on how you spell it). I'm giving this app 4 stars because I with you can favorite certain things buttttttt that's just something I like personally. Other then that I would give this app 6 stars ⭐️🌟

Thanks for help

Very good learning app

Good but confusing

I like this app because it gives you so much content for free and teaches so much! However it's actually very confusing. I wish each category had a lesson with a set amount of words, some mini games to practice, a small test, then another lesson. And once you've cleared all lessons then do a test on all the words.

Amazing😜, But........

I get bored of it easily and it's kinda annoying that there's so many options and u can't do all of them😕😕 Sorry so u guys get 4!!!🙁🙁🙁 SORRY!!!! (At least it's better than 3 or 2 & 1!)


It's a real help getting me started speaking Japanese.

I love it!

This is an excellent app!! It's very complete, have so many topics, and it's fun to study!

awesome!! (⌒▽⌒)

Surprised with just how useful this app is. Learned an entire section in just one day. This is sure to improve my vocabulary!!!


Much great very wow!!

Really good!

I'm so happy to have the app on my iPhone and I love this app!

Like lean japen


I love it!!!!

Wow amazing app!!! Highly recommend!!

Great Learning App

It's a great app for beginners. There's plenty of lessons, and I didn't feel overwhelmed. Highly recommended!

Good app

Good app

5/5 Stars!

I've been learning Japanese for about a year now, and with little to no luck. But, this app is really helping out!

Good content

High quality and very useable

No kana for some words

This app looks like it has a lot of great features -- but many words are in kanji only, with no furigana. So I'm going to have to delete it. Hope the developer changes this in the future.


I think I have finally found a learn Japanese app that is fun, comprehensive, and of value. I enjoy the different approaches to learning and retaining new vocabulary. For me, this app is a perfect starting point. Thank you!

I love it.

It's so easy for me to learn Japanese with the app. Good job!

Good app

Works great


Good app, like it a lot. ありがとうございます❗️

Best one so far

very extensive many choices and understandable and repeatable pronunciations def a 5 star or riot

I love it

It may not look like much but this app helped me watch shows in japan and I can understand cause I'm moving there so I want to learn as much I can :) !


Great App. I'm preparing for japanese N2

Great App

Very nicely done, just wish the Romanji were on there as well.

Great, and Effective!

I have always wanted to learn Japanese. I had tried rosetta stone before, but it just wasn't what I needed to learn this wonderful language. Then one day, I found this little gem. It has a variety of memorization based activities such as flash cards, quizzes, reviews, and on top of that is free! This app uses a good understandable voice for learning, unlike google translate which I have used in the past. If you are looking to begin learning this language, then I highly suggest this app! Happy learning!


It's good :)

It works well for me!

I like it. It works well for me. That's about all I can think of saying... Sorry! 10 people trying to learn Japanese for reasons other than wanting to understand what they say in anime /10!

Amazing! ^_*

I love this app! Currently learning Japanese so I can go to Japan, Tokyo and this helps a lot! Thank you!

Amazing great awesome just one problem

This app is amazing it helped me connect with my culture besides eating sushi and rice this app gets you learning hapanese fast and helps with almost everything thanks to this app I could enjoy my college trip to japan to the fullest BUT A LOT OF THE TIMES THE APP SHUTS DOWN AFTER ONE MINUTE TO THIRTY SECONDS. But other than that the app is great and arigato gosaimasu for teaching me Japanese :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Very helpful

I like the games and techniques used in this app. They are simple, fun, and useful. I've been wanting to learn Japanese but have had a hard time sticking with it. It really is easy to just open the app and play for a while. I am learning and I don't feel exhausted afterwards. This gives you the chance to make picture and voice associations from the start--like we learn our first language as kids. It feels very intuitive and works great for me. Definitely recommend it.


Fun to use & Learn

Not bad.

So far so good. I've been using this for a couple of hrs now and so far I've gotten the hang of it. Worth trying and see if it this apps helps for you.

Great app

Helpful! Thank you a ton!

Pretty good

This app is good for keeping skills sharp but doesn't really teach you well if your here for pronouncation want spelling and this is a great place to start tho


Awesome app, very user friendly and great for testing yourself. The activities provided are very helpful for learning simple to advanced Japanese, plus it's free!

Good to practice with

I'm practicing Japanese for a class I plan to take. I get a few wrong at times but I'll excel at this one day. I'm sure of it!

Excellent learning experience

This is an overall an all-around very good Japanese teaching application. Pronunciation is clear and distinct and picture images associating with actions are absolutely on point. Undoubtedly you will learn Japanese when using this application, ganbarre.


This is one fine way to brush up or to review. Phrases and words are those one would actually use. Thanks for a great app

Great way to practice Japanese!!

It's a great way to practice basic words and phrases. I use it to help me maintain and practice my Japanese since I don't get a chance to use it very often. I like the variety of interactive games and quizzes. Plus it's all free to use so you don't have to worry about all those in app purchase or lesson packages like most other language instruction apps.


This app really helps for me and it will help you too<3

One of the better

I have looked at nearly all free Japanese learning apps for English speakers and I would rank this in the top 15%, meaning it is very good.

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